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Why Should I become a member of the Indian History Congress?

The Indian History Congress (IHC) provides one of the largest platforms to scholarly discussions on historical themes across the globe. Founded in 1935, its membership now exceeds 35,000 delegates. At its each session, over 1500+ delegates participate and contribute to the scholarly discourse by presenting research papers across six distinct sections – Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, Countries Other than India, Archaeology, Contemporary India. Additionally, numerous special lectures and symposia are convened during these sessions like S.C. Misra Memorial Lecture and the Panel of Aligarh Historians Society. The presented papers undergo a rigorous review and the papers selected by the editors are subsequently published in the ‘Proceedings of the Indian History Congress (PIHC)’, which is listed in the UGC CARE List.

Can I become a member if I do not have Master's Degree in History or Archaeology?

In the absence of a Master's degree in the field of History or Archaeology, applicants must provide one of the following documents:
(a) A minimum of one publication pertaining to a historical theme in a peer-reviewed journal.
(b) Publication of a book focusing on a historical theme.
(c) Bona-fide attesting to the completion of M. Phil/PhD in a related field with History.
Note: The Secretary is authorised to reject an application if none of the above criteria is met, or for any other reason. However, an appeal for review of the decision may be made by the applicant to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may consider the appeal either at its next meeting or by correspondence.

Who can propose and second the Initial Ordinary Membership Form?

Any individual with the Annual or Life Membership number of the Indian History Congress can propose and second the Initial Membership Referral Form of a fresh applicant.

What should I do if I misplaced my membership receipt and do not remember my membership number?

In the event that a member cannot recall their membership number (AM or LM), they may retrieve the same by searching for it in the Consolidated List of Members uploaded on the website. Alternatively, they may also search for it in the List of Ordinary Members and/or List of Life Members in the Proceedings of the Indian History Congress (also accessible on JSTOR), pertaining to the sessions they attended. However, if a member still fails to retrieve their membership number, they must apply afresh for the membership of the Indian History Congress (IHC) by filling the Initial Ordinary Membership Form (for ordinary membership or institutional membership, as per the case). Subsequently, a new membership number will be issued. Note: Please note that the IHC is not responsible in the case of the loss of the membership receipt issued to an applicant (Ordinary, Life or Institutional Member). In the event of a loss receipt, the IHC will not entertain any request regarding the retrieval of membership details.

Can I submit more than one paper?

You are advised to submit only one paper. However, if you wish to submit multiple papers, you can submit a maximum of two papers in two different sections, whether as an author or co-author(s).
Kindly note that Submission of two papers in one section or more than two papers in different sections will lead to the rejection of all submitted papers, regardless of the involvement of co-author(s).

I submitted a paper in the previous session. Would it be published?

Since the Indian History Congress (IHC) receives more than 1200 research papers during a session, it becomes colossal task for the editors to review all the submissions. Moreover, the members are requested to understand that the editors often have multiple engagements along with the pursuit of their own research projects. Subsequently, the review process may extend to about a year. While some authors may receive intimation from the Editorial Team to resend their paper with corrections advised, all the selected papers are published with the release of the Proceedings of the Indian History Congress (PIHC) volume on the second day of the Congress i.e. 29th December.

Where can I access the previous Proceedings of the Indian History Congress (PIHC)?

The selected previous volumes of the PIHC can be purchased from the Primus Books. At each session, IHC distributes a limited number of complimentary printed copies of the recently published PIHC to delegates (ordinarily, those who attended the last session). These copies are provided free of cost and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, starting from the delegates who attended the previous session. Moreover, the digital version of the PIHC can be accessed on the JSTOR.

Can I fill the membership form offline?

Offline Membership Forms of renewal and initial ordinary membership can only be filled at the venue of IHC as "Onsite Registration." Individuals seeking to renew their membership offline must submit the membership form and pay the requisite fee strictly in cash. Kindly note that the delegates opting for the Onsite Registration are ineligible to participate in the election of the Executive Committee.

For Initial Ordinary Membership, an individual would be required to full the form and get it proposed and seconded by two existing members of IHC, accompanied by the payment of the requisite fee in cash.

The physical copy of the Membership Form will be available for fresh applicants and existing members only at the venue of the Indian History Congress

Is it mandatory to get Initial Ordinary Membership Form proposed and seconded by two existing members?

Yes. The fresh applicants to the IHC membership must fill the Referral Form and get it proposed and seconded by two existing members of IHC. The applicants must provide membership number of the proposer and seconder (clearly mentioning AM or LM) and get their signatures on the referral form. Subsequently, the completed referral form needs to be uploaded in the provided space in the online “Initial Ordinary Membership” form as part of the application process. In the event that an applicant is only able to secure one member to propose their application, they are advised to correspond with the Secretary's Office.

I have misplaced/do not have the Renewal receipts of the last three Sessions. Can I still apply for the Life Membership?

Unfortunately, no. The applicant must provide the receipts issued by the IHC for the last three sessions respectively. An Ordinary Member who furnishes the proof of payment for the Annual Membership during the last three sessions is only eligible for the Life Membership: either as an Initial member for one year followed by two years as a Renewal Member, or as a Renewal Member for three consecutive years. In the event of any lapse or break in membership, the member must wait until they meet the requirements before applying for Life Membership [kindly note that the minimum academic qualification for Life Membership is the Master’s degree].

How can I get refund for the wrong transaction made by me?

In the case of any wrongful payment done by a member during the application process, it is important to note that the IHC does not assume responsibility for refunding the fee. It is incumbent upon all members to meticulously review the guidelines prior to making any payments. Therefore, members are advised to exercise caution and ensure accuracy when submitting payments to avoid such occurrences.

Can I resubmit my paper because the earlier submission had a mistake?

Unfortunately, no. Once submitted, the paper is treated as a final submission. If you feel that your submission needs correction, you can submit the revised paper at the time of presentation and mention at the end of paper that you have revised the earlier version of your paper.

Can I submit abstract?

The guidelines of the Indian History Congress clearly state that a member needs to submit a complete paper. Abstracts have a near-zero chance of publication because the editors prefer to review only the complete papers which are in the word-processed (.doc/.docx) format. Even if your abstract gets listed for presentation and you submit the complete paper at the time of presentation, the chances of its selection for publication by the editors remain low.

I failed to meet the deadline for paper submission. What can I do now?

Do not worry. Delegates who missed the deadline can still submit their papers through the paper submission portal on the website. However, papers submitted after the deadline will only be accommodated on the final day of the Session, subject to time availability after the presentation of the primary list of papers has been completed. Papers received by midnight on the 30th of November, will be given priority and listed during the first two days of the Session. Papers submitted after the deadline will be included in the Supplementary List of papers. This list will be available on the 28th of December, during the latter part of the day at the venue.

I am a Life Member. Do I need to pay the registration fee for the current session?

As a Life Member of the Indian History Congress, you are exempt from paying the registration fee . However, if you intend to utilise the residential and meal facilities provided by the Indian History Congress, you are required to pay the applicable fee as instructed in the Local Secretary's Circular. We advise you to regularly check the notice section for all Indian History Congress circulars to stay informed of any updates or directives.

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