Institutional Membership Renewal Guide

Applicants must follow the instructions given below to avoid the rejection of their application.

  1. Fill the form Only Once (multiple applications will lead to rejection of all applications and forfeiture of membership fee).
  2. Mention the following details:

          (a) Name of the Institution
          (b) Name of the Director/Chairman/Head of the Institution
          (c) Official Email ID of the Institution
          (d) Official Contact Number of the Institution
          (e) Official Address of the Institution

  1. Upload the Institutional Membership Receipt (attach any document/certificate/slip issued to you by the Indian History Congress in any previous session as a proof).
  2. The application for the renewal of Institutional Membership will be successful after the successful payment of the Institutional Membership Fee at the end of the form.

Note: After the submission of your application, the Secretary’s office will review the application before issuing the Institutional Membership Receipt. The Institution renewing its membership is advised to ensure that the provided details and documents are correct. If any discrepancy is found during/after the review process, the application will be rejected and membership fee will be forfeited.

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