Guidelines for the Initial Ordinary Membership

Applicants must follow the instructions given below to avoid the rejection of their application.

  1. Fill the form yourself Only Once (multiple applications will lead to rejection of all applications and forfeiture of membership fee).
  2. Upload the scan of the Original Documents in the form.
  3. Mention your personal email-id.
  4. Documents Required if you are a Student of History and/or Archaeology:
    • Master’s Degree/Transcript in History and/or Archaeology
    • If you are currently enrolled in Master’s Degree, you will be treated as a ‘Student Member’ and you should upload your enrolment receipt/document as the proof. A ‘Student Member’, whether new or existing, can attend all the sessions but cannot present papers in any section.
    • If you have completed MPhil/PhD/Post-Doctoral programmes, attach the proofs as applicable.
    • If you are currently enrolled in MPhil/PhD/Post-Doctoral programme, attach the document of your enrolment.
  1. Documents Required if you are not a Student of History and/or Archaeology:

If you do not have Master’s degree in the field of History or Archaeology, it is mandatory for you to furnish either of the following:

    • At least one publication related to historical theme in a peer-reviewed journal (with full references).
    • Publication of a book on a historical theme (with full references).
    • Bona-Fide attesting your MPhil/PhD in field allied with history (for both pursuing and awarded).

Note: The Secretary is authorised to reject an application if none of the above criteria is met, or for any other reason. However, an appeal for review of the decision may be made by the applicant to the Executive Committee (EC). The EC may consider the appeal either at its next meeting or by correspondence.

  1. Upload the Details of Referees

You are required to upload details of two existing members of the Indian History Congress (IHC) who agree to propose and second your membership application by mentioning their membership details and signing your application. IHC will verify the details provided by you before the further assessment of your membership. You can download the Initial Referral Form from here (click).

  1. Your application for Initial Membership will be successful after you pay the Initial Membership Fee at the end of the form.

Note: After the submission of your application, the Secretary’s office will review your application before issuing you the Initial Membership Receipt. You are advised to ensure that the provided details and documents are correct. If discrepancy is found during/after the review process or your documents fail to prove your eligibility, your application will be rejected and membership fee will be forfeited.

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