Professor Manvendra Kumar Pundhir

Joint Secretary

Professor Manvendra Kumar Pundhir, presently serving as a faculty member in the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History at Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh), is a scholar with a diverse range of academic interests and notable contributions to the field of history.

Specialising initially in the regional history of Rajasthan and the economic history of the region during the 18th century, Professor Pundhir later delved into the field of Medieval Indian Architecture, where he has made significant advancements in the understanding of Mughal sub-imperial monuments in the Agra region. His research has shed light on various aspects of architectural history, providing valuable insights into the cultural and historical significance of these structures.

Professor Pundhir’s scholarly pursuits extend to Medieval Archaeology, where he has played a pivotal role as the incharge of the Archaeology section of the Department of History at AMU. His expertise in this field has contributed to the exploration and interpretation of archaeological sites, enriching our understanding of medieval Indian society and culture.

In addition to his academic endeavours, Professor Pundhir has held leadership roles in various academic organisations. He was elected as the President of the UP History Congress during the 2022-23 term, demonstrating his leadership and commitment to advancing historical scholarship at the regional level. He is also associated with the World Archaeology Congress (WAC) and is a member of the International Association of Historians of Asia, further highlighting his engagement with the global academic community.

As an editor, Professor Pundhir plays a crucial role in shaping scholarly discourse through his work with journals such as the Indian Journal of Archaeology and Ateet: Indian Journal of History and Archaeology. Additionally, his membership on the editorial boards of journals like the Journal of History and Sociology of South Asia (JMI) and Lynien: Journal of Cultural and Historical Studies (Udaipur University) underscores his commitment to fostering academic exchange and publication.

Through his research, editorial contributions, and leadership roles, Professor Pundhir continues to make significant contributions to the field of history, enriching our understanding of India’s architectural heritage and medieval past while actively engaging with the broader academic community.

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