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"The Indian History Congress will hold its 78th Session at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, (West Bengal)"

78th Session of Indian History Congress

Jadavpur University, Kolkata, (West Bengal) Date
28-30 December 2017


I am happy to inform members that we have now been assured by the authorities concerned that the Indian History Congress’s 78th session with be held at Kolkata on 28-30 December 2017 as previously notified. Members who intend to attend the session may, therefore, please make their travel arrangements, if they have not done so, and also send the delegate fee of Rs 1500 to the Local Secretary Jadavpur University, as soon as possible, because this would help in securing accommodation for the members concerned.

I look forward to greeting members at our 78th session at Kolkata.

Ishrat Alam
Indian History Congress

Executive Committee
1. Professor Arun Bandopadhyay (Kolkata)
2. Professor Indu Banga (Chandigarh)
3. Professor Rajsekhar Basu (Kolkata)
4. Professor Rakesh Batabyal (New Delhi)
5. Professor Susnata Das (Kolkata)
6. Professor A. Gangatharan (Varanasi)
7. Professor Rajan Gurukkal (Banglore)
8. Professor S.Z.H. Jafri (Delhi)
9. Professor Bishambhar Jha (Darbhanga)
10. Professor Suresh Jnaneswaran (Kerala)
11. Professor Mridula Mukherjee (New Delhi)
12. Professor Chandi Prasad Nanda (Cuttack)
13. Professor Hitendra Patel (Kolkata)
14. Professor B Surendra Rao (Mangalore)
15. Professor S.A. Nadeem Rezavi (Aligarh)
16. Professor Rajen Saikia (Guwahati)
17. Professor K.S.S. Seshan (Hyderabad)
18. Professor Radhika Seshan (Pune)
19. Professor C.P.N. Sinha (Bhagalpur)
20. Professor Ashraf Wani (Srinagar)

General President
Professor K.M.Shrimali (Delhi), to take over from Professor Shireen Moosvi, the current General President
Professor K. Paddayya Professor Satish Chandra (New Delhi)
Professor Ishrat Alam (Aligarh)
Professor Ramesh Rawat (Aligarh)
Jt. Secretaries
Professor Vivekananad Shukla (Muzaffarpur) Professor Amar Farooqui (Delhi) (In charge, Permanent Office)
Sectional President

Ancient India
Prof. Shankar Goyal

Medieval India
Prof. Sunil Kumar

Modern India
Prof. Bhojanandan Prasad Singh

Countries Other than India
Prof. Arup Ranjan Banerjee

Prof. Laxman S Thakur

Contemporary India
Mr Raj Mohan Gandhi
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